Wave At Your Haters

Posted: 5th April 2014 by thea9693 in Weekly Motivation
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Psalms 59
9.  Because of his strength I will watch for You,
For God is my stronghold.

As we push forward in our exercise goals, once in awhile you come across the one who I call the “hater”. The hater is the one who can see your making great gains in losing the weight or getting stronger and toner, looking better and feeling better, and then “BAM” they offer you a piece of cake, or dessert and after you say NO continue to taunt you and see if you will crack under peer pressure. And if you do crack under pressure, their face has such a joy of accomplishment for knocking you off your program.

Example 2: Putting on those skinny jeans or (muscle shirt) you have been working out to get into, and going out to meet them and instead of complimenting you on your accomplishment, the rest of the night it is a battle as to see who is the hottest person out there to get the attention.

Most of them will have an attitude, and people start paying attention to you, they’ll be the first to put your business in the street of what you USED to look like BEFORE you paid attention to your health… HATERS.

When you come across this person, DO NOT RUN, NO NO NO. Simply walk to your stuff, or pay your portion of the tab, Stand up, and place your hand next to your ear, cup it like you’ve won a beauty pageant, and wave. YES WAVE.

Wave at the past, as you continue to move forward. FORWARDS EVER BACKWARDS NEVER. Look at yourself, you feel better, look better, and in a greater health position then before.

WAVE, because they have shown you there lack of understanding accomplishment. WAVE as you go out the door, or move over to another group of friends and keep the party going. HATERS can only do two things for you 1) motivate you to keep moving forward toward your goal, or 2) dedicate even stronger to the goal you have at hand.

So WAVE AT YOUR HATERS, and keep moving forward in the “NEW YOU.”

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