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Hello World. This weeks episode will uplift your spirits and give you a musical education. This week on Episode 3 I discuss: The Teachers Strike & How I got in trouble American Idol’s “Vocal Coach from Hell” “ Peggi Blu stops by, We discuss: Golden Nuggets about singing How did she get the name Vocal […]

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Hey world, I’M BACK!!! First let me apologize for my delay. Alot has happen since I’ve been away and I will be discussing it in due time. Secondly, some of who may have noticed that no one can subscribe to the site. I had the unfortunate discovery that may BOTS had been attached to the […]

Extremely Delicious Anti-Inflammatory Juice

Posted: 11th August 2016 by thea9693 in Uncategorized
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Most of the diseases nowadays are result of increased inflammation within your body. If not treated on time, it can sometimes cause serious damage and even have fatal consequences. Here is a juice recipe we recommend whose regular consumption will help you reduce and fight inflammation completely naturally without using any supplements. If left untreated […]

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How to cleanse your body and at the same time to promote healthy weight loss? Here is a great suggestion for fresh salad that will make you feel energized and fresh throughout the day. It is made in a minute and boasts incredible effects on your overall health. Red cabbage is choke full of antioxidants […]

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If there is one group of people that are known worldwide for their strict and old-fashioned lifestyle, that’s the Amish people. They refuse to use modern technology and modern pharmaceutical drugs. The Amish people are living balanced lives by staying in touch with Mother Nature. They have natural remedies for treatment of many different health […]