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Hey world, I’M BACK!!!

First let me apologize for my delay. Alot has happen since I’ve been away and I will be discussing it in due time.

Secondly, some of who may have noticed that no one can subscribe to the site. I had the unfortunate discovery that may BOTS had been attached to the site which had a couple of viruses and had to (well actually my webmaster) shut the site down. The articles are still here (all 2500 of them) and now there will be special incentives to those who have been following me for awhile (no more bots, you must be ALIVE).

Third, due to the BOTS I found out that the site could have been re-directed to thing that were spammish (I’m aking that word up) so I apologize to those who were affected. It has been fixed, and I realize that some were turned off. If you are returning, Thank You. If this is your first time, WELCOME.

More to come. Links are back up. Any questions, you know how to reach me.


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